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French Foreign Legion has a long history as an army of mercenaries ready to enter any combat where other armies would not. It was founded in early 1831 by King Louis Philippe’s royal ordinance, as a mean to resolve two problems with one blow. The first reason to create such army was to boost French army itself, and second was to deal with the increasing number of foreign refugees populating France. The use of Foreign Legion’s forces was included in Conquest of Algeria, multiple colonial exploits over the years, the Franco-Prussian War, both World Wars, Algerian War, and the First Indochina War.

Military Structure.

The Foreign Legion is like any other army except one significant difference, it accepts citizens of all nations, hence the name Foreign Legion.

The Legion also has a strict policy about recruiting female soldiers. Only men are eligible to enlist for serving under Foreign Legion. As there is no separation in this band of soldiers no women are allowed. To allow women in Foreign Legion army would result in separation in ranks and sleeping quarters and the whole idea of this military formation is to bound soldiers together, for them to form the concept of a big family.
Every soldier is trained to be a one-man army, but teamwork is also crucial for them, as they endure tremendous efforts every day to complete the training until they are accepted and recognized as Legionnaires.

Legion’s involvement.

There were many conflicts over the years where Foreign Legion intervened and in most cases resolved the matter. The dispute in the Persian Gulf was one of them that is worth mentioning, as it was a successful intervention.

In 1991, Allied coalition unleashed operation called Desert Storm. American forces were leading the assault, with the help of Foreign Legion forces the Iraqi’s were defeated after one hundred hours and Kuwait was liberated. Legion Army troops were to defend the coalition’s left flank. General Norman Schwarzkopf coordinated the Defense.
As they are part of the French army, they are sent wherever they are needed, usually where regular army won’t step a foot. Anyone holding a French passport cannot enter the Legion ranks. Only foreigners are allowed. The Legion was also involved in Afghanistan War, where they had the role of support for NATO-led forces of ISAP in Surobi District and Kapisa Province.

Military training.

A recruit that joins the Foreign Legion will undergo extensive training system that lasts for one month. The recruit is required to pledge the allegiance to the Legion accepting it as a new family; they can also renounce their past and identity as the Legion will provide a new one for them upon recruitment.

After one month of training, the recruit is officially accepted, and has the right to wear the white hat- “Kepi Blanc.” Their training does not stop there, as every day is a battle for them where every day they train as they fight and fight as they train.

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